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We from Sparx Services Central Europe / Switzerland plan, design and implement active Enterprise Architecture Management (“EAM”) based on Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate from Sparx Systems.


With Prolaborate, you maximise the value of enterprise architecture in your organisation and lay the foundations for key decisions.

Prolaborate for the Agile Organization

Maximise the value of your Enterprise Architecture.

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The 12 commandments of EAM

When Michael Bald, specialist for Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), talks about his favourite topic, you immediately notice that it is a matter close to his heart.

What do we mean by Enterprise Architecture Management?

In order for companies and organizations to fulfill their strategy and business objectives, a coherent view of the company’s activities is necessary. Enterprise Architecture Management makes the interaction between business and IT visible. The models created allow transparency and simplify communication.


Why do companies and organizations need Enterprise Architecture Management?


Digital change means new technological opportunities and shorter business cycles than ever. This requires a new approache to the design and implementation of models of enterprise and IT architecture.

With collaboration across the organisation, companies are laying the foundation for transparency and agility. They enable a cost-efficient, rapid Go-2-Market of innovation initiatives and the fulfilment of regulatory requirements.


Enterprise Architecture Management provides an overall view of corporate structures and the lifecycle from:

  • Current status – “Documentation” – via
  • necessary changes in organization and IT – “change management” – up to and including the
  • Definition of new initiatives – “innovation”.

What do I need to implement Entperise Architecture Management?

As a partner company of Sparx Systems, we have the competence and expertise in the targeted use of Enterprise Architect. In addition to the tool, method, experience and (modeling) languages are the sustainable starting points for the successful establishment of EAM within the organisation.

What is our contribution?
We are experts in proven technologies and open standards (“Archimate”, “TOGAF”, “BPMN”,…), know best practices from the field and current market challenges such as Cyber Security Modeling. We also incorporate the latest research results of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Our focus: a valuable contribution


We focus on benefit-oriented application of modeling, transparency, creativity and individuality for the EAM projects of our customers and their consulting ecosystem.



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