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With Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect you can leverage powerful capabilities for business & IT planning, capability modeling, current & future states, dependencies & change impacts, technology maturity & risks, enterprise project planning, architecture frameworks, predictive analysis and much more.


Efficiently manage complexities and clearly recognize impact points to stay on budget
Manage complexity from top to bottom via model decomposition. Model systems from several perspectives and multiple levels of abstraction. Highlight impacts in the powerful Relationship Matrix and Traceability Window, and what is required to handle them.

Improve communication and planning based on a single source of truth
Use a centralized Repository to create a multi-user environment for concurrent modeling, assign tasks to individuals and groups, visualize task stages using e.g. Kanban, clearly assign resources and share information with colleagues and customers via web browser.

Visualize enterprise visions & strategies according to clear guidelines, principles & best practices
Use Process Guidance Templates to define stages, annotated steps for the procedures at each stage, links to supporting information, and checklists to be completed to ensure all the required objectives have been achieved before starting the next stage.

Easily define and maintain a current, stable baseline of information
Describe transition architectures from a baseline to a target architecture to depict architectural options. Time Aware Modeling can be used by analysts, architects, product owners and others to describe and to visualize how models change over time.

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