Modeling-Potentials Evaluation

The Modeling-Potentials Evaluation is a review of the current status of a modeling team or department’s activities as a whole and, most importantly, a workable action plan to realize and strengthen already-existing potentials. In this way we can apply our many years of knowledge and experience with UML/SysML and Enterprise Architect to supporting the modeling initiatives of companies striving to lead the way in Europe’s manufacturing and services industries.

Step 1: Modeling-Potentials Questionnaire

First, customers fill out our Modeling-Potentials Questionnaire. This is the first step toward leveraging potentials in your model-based approach. The Modeling-Potentials Questionnaire (below) takes only a few minutes to complete, then we’ll be in touch to discuss next steps.

Step 2: Modeling-Potentials Workshop

The on-site workshop is a 3-hour meeting with you and/or your modeling team leaders, during which time we will cover the following topics:

  1. Your current approach, activities and goals
    This is a question-and-answer session to provide us with a deeper clarification of what you actually intend to achieve with your modeling activities, and will serve as a key benchmark for evaluation results in Step 3. Time: 30 minutes
  2. Questionnaire review and follow-up
    In Step 1 you will have already filled out the Modeling-Potentials Questionnaire, to which we will pose some follow-up questions. Keeping the stated goals in mind, we will take a moment to clarify and expand upon the results with you. Time: 30 minutes
  3. SWOT analysis
    With your valuable input, we will jointly run through a catalog of criteria derived from our deep knowledge of model-based development to quickly identify, rate and display apparent strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that might be having an impact on your progress. Time: 90 minutes
  4. Conclusion
    At the end of our meeting we will present and discuss with your our preliminary suppositions. Time: 30 minutes

Step 3: Modeling-Potentials Report

Fourteen days later, we deliver the Modeling-Potentials Report with our findings and recommendations, including the refined SWOT analysis, and covering everything from methodology, language, modeling and tool awareness to clearly-defined steps toward achieving the department’s stated goals.

We deliver your Modeling-Potentials Report 14 days after the on-site workshop, allowing all parties ample time to pose/answer additional questions, share supplementary information or further clarify some of the points covered during the 3-hour session.

While the Modeling-Potentials Report is in part an analysis of the current state of modeling activities within your team or organization, its main purpose is to reveal potentials and serve as a guideline for leveraging your team’s abilities in order to enable a more effective modeling approach and, as a result, achieve your stated goals.

Start by submitting the questionnaire below: