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“Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together.”
L. Mies van der Rohe

Enterprise Architect Experts

We are the Enterprise Architect Experts and support our
customers on their way meeting business objectives.

Why Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture allows organisations to gain visibility in the disruptive business and technology world. It shows the path from current to future state: Allowing innovation, on service, products, applications and processes, based on solid data.

Why Sparx Services CE?

We’re committed to helping our customers achieve clarity, transparency, efficiency, and flexibility in their Enterprise Architecture approach. At Sparx Services CE, we’re experienced in using Sparx Systems’ modeling tool Enterprise Architect (EA) and play a key role in the EA ecosystem.

More speed, less investment:

Implement Innovation Initiatives faster to survive on a demanding market and reply to customer expectations

More transparency, less complexity:

Reduce complexity in your EA usage across the organisation

More collaboration, less redundancy:

Ensure comprehensive and understandable Enterprise Architecture to communicate across the entire ecosystem

More compliance, less gaps:

Fulfil governance and regulations (ISO, SOX, ..) and other industry standards while documenting assets, processes, data, infrastructure and applications.

Our EA Tool Ecosystem

As long-time experts for Enterprise Architecture, our consulting and training services are based on reliable tools not only for modelling experts but for the entire ecosystem of the company. They facilitate collaboration and use modelling software suites , industry frameworks, ….

We are here to simplify your Enterprise Architecture experience and looking forward to discussing your individual path to a model based company.

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