Sparx Services Central Europe offers the following consulting services to customers in a variety of industries and fields:

Modeling-Potentials Evaluation
A review of the current status of your department’s activities as a whole and, most importantly, a workable action plan to realize and strengthen already-existing potentials. Learn more…

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect for EAM
Making Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems your EAM tool means taking control and staying focused when managing even the most complex enterprise architecture challenges. Learn more…

Modeling Environment Optimization
We help you establish internal modeling guidelines, semantics & notation, workflows, structure, traceability and even your own custom templates, MDG Technology and more…

Our team of expert consultants and trainers will work with focus on general modeling tool aspects as well as your use case to ensure an optimal time investment.

Data Mining
Sparx Services CE can mine your existing documentation and data, and provide you with model-based documentation as “a single source of truth”.

Pro Cloud Server installation service
Are you ready for The Cloud? Then we’re ready to help you get there in a good way via Sparx Pro Cloud Server & Web EA.