Take the Enterprise Architect Modeling-Potentials Evaluation

See how to improve your current modeling practices with EA to leverage effort on current & upcoming projects.

Step 1: Questionnaire

Start by taking 2-3 minutes to fill out our simple Modeling Potentials Questionnaire. This will give us a better overview of your current activities and goals.

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Step 2: Evaluation

We'll hold a 3-hour evaluation meeting at your facility to review methodology, language, modeling & tool status, define goals and perform a SWOT anaylsis.

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Step 3: Report

In 14 days you will receive your Modeling-Potentials Report, revealing potentials and offering recommendations for methodology and best practices.

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Do you Enterprise Architect?

Enterprise Architect is the world’s premiere UML/SysML modeling platform. Produced in Australia by Sparx Systems since 1996, it has been implemented by over 650,000 users worldwide, due not only to its high performance at an unbeatable price. Enterprise Architect is a powerful yet intuitive modeling tool that facilitates any desired level of explicitness and precision in the development, analysis and documentation of even the most complex systems and architectures. Individuals and teams can use EA to design and produce software systems, perform business process modeling, handle requirements or model any process or system using standardized or custom modeling languages and frameworks…with maximum reuse and traceability throughout. Pro Cloud Server and WebEA allow geographically-distributed model-based development and engineering teams to actively collaborate on any number of ongoing projects in real time. SparxSystems Software Central Europe was founded in 2004 in Vienna, Austria to provide individuals and organizations in Europe’s core German-speaking and other economically-aligned markets with Enterprise Architect software licenses, training and support in their own language and time zone.

Sparx Services Central Europe was founded in 2017 with a clear mission:

  • Reach out to model-based design and development teams
  • Identify underutilized or hidden potentials and resources
  • Provide a mutually-aligned consulting approach
  • Work together with our customers to realize a shared vision of strengthening their – and therefore Europe’s – role on the global stage.

If you’re ready to identify and leverage the modeling potentials in your team or organization, whether or not your organization is currently using EA, take one minute to fill out our Modeling-Potentials Questionnaire.

Your Sparx Services Team