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Change the Process with Enterprise Architecture Management

Disruptive business models are currently turning the insurance industry upside down. The moment of truth has arrived where innovation determines the future of insurance companies. The effect of business imperatives like cost reduction and / or increased productivity is no longer valid. Also, because these initiatives are often managed on individual basis. Their impact could be much bigger if they would have been linked together into a 360° view which holistically covers business, application, and infrastructure.

Innovation does not easily fall from heaven into well-considered project plans ready to be implemented. The transformation process from a well-established company into a market leader who changes the game is not obvious. So, what we see today are fancy (costly) innovation programs. You name the methods, the consulting agency delivers them.

about Peter Lieber

As „Parallel Entrepreneur”, his company initiatives Sparx Systems CE, Sparx Services CE / Switzerland, LieberLieber Software and ThreatGet offer innovation-driven information technology for model-based systems. Peter is President of the Austrian Trade Organisation (Gewerbeverein) and VÖSI, the Austrian Software Industry Association.


Model your Innovation with Enterprise Architecture!

As Enterprise Architecture Management Enthusiast, I am fond of a 360° view which is achieved with modelling. Why? Modelling allows to mirror the substantial elements from business, information (data) and application as well as technology and infrastructure. This is not the news as such. You most probably already have these insights available.


The value now of using modelling for innovation lies in its multi-dimensional approach. Elements from all over the organization can be visibly brought into relation with each other. The illustration of the relationships between different elements allows not only to reflect the current state, but also to evaluate innovation and change potential. This process offers a new experience within the company, because modelling brings collaboration to the next level: The key for success for every innovation initiative!