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Simplifying enterprise architecture with “Prolaborate” for better decisions: 2 experts talk about their practice.


Enterprise architecture (“Enterprise Architecture Management”/”EAM”) provides the necessary information to make the right decisions for strategy execution. In this virtual “EAM Talk” on Tuesday, June 22, experts shared their best practice and how they solve this important task.

The EAM house: from strategy to decision basis with “roadmaps”

Introduction Thomas Schoenher, Sparx Services Switzerland

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Let’s debunk a few myths, that it’s complicated! (Englisch)
Jacek Woynarowski, Business Solution Architect in “ERGO Technology & Services”

Many businesses are stuck in their present – sometimes hard – situation, because of a lack of understanding, what they really struggle with, what are the potential courses of action, and what it means for their actual and future condition.

Many agile techniques are trying to help businesses to close together to IT but non-formal techniques very often fail in a huge amount of information. How to enable this information flow? How to build common language and understanding what is important and what can wait, because it’s just bells & whistles!

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Introduction to Prolaborate – Discover how to use information in your models to drive key decisions (Englisch)
Nizam Mohamed, Sparx EA Consultant, Prolaborate Evangelist

In this webinar we’ll be discussing about 4 compelling usecases why you need Prolaborate to maximize the value from your modelling efforts. Feedback from customers indicate they have a 9X increase in productivity and engagement after introducing Prolaborate in the Architecture practice. We’ll talk about

Better Focus – Keeping it minimal and confidential by selectively sharing parts of Model
Simplify – Exposing the right details to keep it simple
Curate – Convert Model Data into Information that can be consumed and Interpreted by the wider team
Engage – Engage the right audience with the right tools to get better feedback and  Buy-in

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Thomas Schoenher
Sparx Services Schweiz

+41 (0)79 102 83 60

Nizam Mohamed
Sparx EA Consultant
Prolaborate Evangelist

Nizam ist the Founder and Product Manager of Sparx Systems Prolaborate. He has more than 15+ years’ experience with Sparx EA – Training, Consultation, Customization and Support. He has vaste experience in the role of an Enterprise Architecture consultant and implementation specialist across different verticals across the globe. He was leading the operation department of Sparx Systems India from 2013  – 2016.


Jacek Woynarowski
Business Solution Architect in “ERGO Technology & Services”

Over 25 years of experience in IT solutions delivery, last over 6 years as a Business Solution Architect for the Insurance industry. I’m the author of methodology and related to this methodology MDG tool pack for the project running using EA. My delivery process is based on the Sparxsystems ecosystem and 3rd party solutions.I’m a huge enthusiast of using case tools to solve difficult problems about business running and supporting by efficient IT solutions.