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Why attend #moi2023?

To see the latest trends from the insurance industry and become an Insider

THE MAGIC OF INNOVATION, Insurance Innovation Day, was created by Erika Kriszan for future thinking managers, who are ready to see the new world and are open to understanding new solution.

We are a proud partner of this innovative event and support it as sponsor and a talk with our company founder, a real innovation expert and enterprise architecture enthusiast.


Meet us: our Speaker Peter Lieber
Wednesday, 7th of June 23, 11.20 AM

How to dig for Gold with an AI Buddy?

Innovation needs models. As enterprise archicture enthusiast, models are for me at the forefront when it comes to innovation and its process. An architectural landscape allows to understand Data – the New Gold – which flows through the entire value chain, meaning the ecosystem of every organization. Data increases performance and compliance and is the enabler for innovative business models. The 360° view over this data landscape can be reached by a „model first“ approach which also includes the help from an AI Buddy. By understanding relations of „data“, „information“ is gathered and by understanding patterns, the next level „knowledge“ is reached. An AI Buddy has the power to support this often cumbersome process, as long as we trained him properly before.

But: Data Analysis are firstly the indicator to „make it better“. But in order to innovate, we need another fundament to succeed.

The talk from Peter illustrates a possible path on how to capitalize on your gold today with an AI Buddy by modeling the innovative future.

Presentation "How to dig for Gold with an AI Buddy"



Data is the new gold and acts as a live ticker of every company. But how can it be visualized in such a way that it actually brings benefits to the respective stakeholders? We’ll show you how to accelerate the business by bringing data and information together, by visualizing business capabilities and business services.


We are a proud partner of the Magic of Innovation Conference! 

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