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Customer Reference & Best Practice

“By 2023, 60% of organizations will depend on EA’s role to lead the business approach to digital innovation”

Gartner inc.

The following examples demonstrate how Enterprise Architecture is already in use to guide companies through innovation and change processes:

Best Practice

Labnaf facilitates transformation

Lilian Duchene works at Etnic in Belgium, which provides IT services to more than 40 institutions/public administrations in the Federation Wallonia-Brussels (French Community of Belgium). To transform these services, the company uses the Enterprise Architecture framework Labnaf, an extension of Enterprise Architect. With the framework it can now manage its relationships with its clients transparently and with open communication.

Best Practice

EAM is a Strategic Function in Companies

Recently, technology analyst Gartner revised its assessment of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) from „supportive“ to „highly strategic“. Against this background, Sparx Services CE submitted its EAM approach for the new „eAward: Solutions for New Business“ and was promptly nominated in the „Organisation“ category.

Customer Reference

EAM as Knowledge Hub

Dr. Hannes Lischka has been dealing with Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) for more than ten years and sees himself as a bridge builder between EAM and current methods of New Work. 

Customer Reference

Business Transoformation in the Financial Sector with REFRAME

Norbert Schattner of ifb Group was significantly involved in the development of the reference architecture REFRAME for over ten years. REFRAME is based on the SPARX Enterprise Architect platform and enables corporate transformations in the financial sector.

Best Practice

Modeling the Nato Architecture Framework (NAFv4)

The objective of the NATO Architectural Framework Version 4 (NAFv4) is to provide a standard for the development and description of architectures for both military and business purposes. The  framework is designed to be expanded by NATO member states and partners according to their own requirements. Germany and Switzerland, for example, use this possibility to create their own views, e.g. requirement views, in their projects.

Best Practice

Reference architecture for the healthcare system

Oliver Kipf professionally combines his expertise in healthcare and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and relies entirely on Enterprise Architect. He is currently working intensively on a reference architecture for healthcare that puts the patient in the center and also includes a pandemic scenario.

Best Practice

The 12 commandments of EAM

Michael Bald has been dealing with Enterprise Architecture  Management (EAM) for years and likes to use Enterprise Architect for this purpose. For him it is decisive that the business architecture is always at the centre of all considerations regarding EAM.

EAM Gatherings

Why EAM Gatherings? EAM is a journey and not a project! This is why we bring different views together and discuss those standpoints with different players: existing users of «Sparx Enterprise Architect», Enterprise Architects und ourselves from Sparx Services.

1. EAM Gathering Bern
7. Juli 2020

(in German)

Dieses EAM Gathering stand unter dem Titel “Change”: “If you can’t model the organization, you will not be able to change it, efficiently.”

1. EAM Gathering Hannover
28. Mai 2020

(in German)

Der Fokus der Referate richtete sich auf die erfolgreiche Etablierung von EAM in Versicherungsunternehmen. Aus drei verschiedenen Praxis-Blickwinkeln haben wir gezeigt, wie das gelingen kann.

1. EAM Gathering Zürich
31. März 2020

(in German)

Gemeinsam mit unserem Partner “ifb”  haben wir die besondere Situation rund um die Finanzindustrie diskutiert.


Media Coverage

Sparx Services in the media: We are at your disposal for any questions around “Enterprise Architecture Management”

Icon Newspaper

eAward: Lösungen für neues Wirtschaften – Kategorie „Organisation“: Nominierung eAward „Organisation“ von report.at, Juni 2020

The news channel “report.at” nominated Sparx Services for the award of “New Business – Organisation” for its approach of collaboration by using modelling as project tool.

Icon Newspaper

„Neuer Anlauf mit Enterprise Architecture Management“, HZ Insurance / Wirtschaftsportal Handelszeitung, Juni 2020

New approach with Enterprise Architecute Managment – this article was published by HZ Insurance, the online economic channel of the Swiss “Handelszeiting”, June 2020